Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Making Peach-Blackberry Cobbler

Elizabeth Case is a bright and cheerful 7 year old who lives in the Sacramento Valley. Through a mutual friend, I found out that Elizabeth and I both share a love for cooking and eating good food.  So, during a recent trip to the Bay Area, I set out to meet Elizabeth and her family at the new Benioff Children’s hospital in San Francisco.

The Sunday afternoon that we met, we set out to bake something special for Elizabeth’s family. The good people at the Ronald MacDonald House gave us free rein of their brand new kitchen. We took full advantage of their hospitality and made a sweet batch of peach-blackberry cobbler. Elizabeth picked up quickly as we moved through the recipe.  She makes a great sous chef; she is attentive, knows how to follow directions and laughs at my silly jokes.

This cooking session at the Ronald MacDonald House was a little respite for Elizabeth.  For the past several months she has been spending a lot of time at the hospital seeking treatment for an inoperable brain tumor. Being able to cook something together was a nice distraction from her normal routine.

Elizabeth bakes Chocolate Chunk Cookies
I so enjoyed Elizabeth’s sense of gratitude and uplifting spirit. As a thank you, I sent her an embroidered chef jacket so she could be the top chef anytime she wanted.  Today, I received a photo of Elizabeth making chocolate chunk coconut cookies.  She made the cookies for one of her doctors.  She did let me know that she wanted to send me some, but knew that I was traveling on the road.  

Looking forward to tasting them next time, Elizabeth.