Monday, February 9, 2015

Confessions of a Former White House Chef - Part One by Hilary Pollack

Munchies, a website and digital video channel featured the following article written by Hillary Pollack.  Here's part one of two articles titled:  Confessions of a Former White House Chef

MUNCHIES: It’s been ten years since you worked in the White House, but you've kept very busy since. What do you miss about working there, and what are you glad to be done with?
Walter Scheib: When you work at the White House, you’re working at what we used to call “White House flex time,” which means you get to choose any 85 hours you want to work each week, and the rest of your free time is yours. [laughs] I don’t miss that component, but what I do miss is being in the White House. I miss getting to service the First Family in that way and to the country, you get that honor and that privilege of getting to know the President and his family— not as the cartoon characters you see on the nightly news, but as the nuanced and very real and interesting people. Secondly, the camaraderie of the team—of all 90 employees in the residence—really are a distinct and unique group of individuals, not only in their particular expertise and the talents that they have, but more importantly, their understanding of the heart of service of working for this family. You basically become anonymous—you check your ego and your politics at the door and you’re only there to give the First Family an island of sanity in a very crazy world. It takes a unique temperament to be able to do that for an extended period of time.

Do you miss it, or are you relieved that your life is less stressful now?
Well, last year I did 85 events and was on the road for 300 days a year, as there is a tremendous interest in hearing humorous and humanizing stories about the two First Families. It really is a word-of-mouth business; the more you do, the more you do. I thought that after a year or two the novelty would wear off, but it’s been proven that each year it actually gets more busy than the previous. Of course, with Secretary/Senator Mrs. Clinton running for president and being, at the very least, a favored candidate to be in the big race, that of course will increase interest that much more.

It’s known that she’s a huge fan of yours, and personally chose you for the role of chef while she was the First Lady. Do you think you could be called back into service if she succeeds?
Well, I mean, of course if the President asks you to be of service to the country, you’d be hard-pressed to say no. If she wants me, she knows my phone number and I’ll be of service. I don’t care if it was a Republican or Democrat, if I knew them or didn't know them—if the President asked me to serve, I would do it.

It would probably be a lot different now since Bill is basically a vegan.
Well, that's the urban myth.  I don't know that that's true.  If you're trying to keep a fairly austere regimen—and veganism is that in my estimate—it's very difficult to do.  I think you have to present that you're doing it full-time and taking it seriously so that you don't get presented with things by chefs that you would be tempted by.  I know a number of chefs that have served the former President over the years.  While he trends towards veganism and vegetarianism, it isn't totally exclusive.  We'll just put it that way. 

You may read the rest of the article here