Thursday, April 18, 2013


Photograph by Kiyomi
 For 11 years, I had the honor of doing daily what most chefs would be lucky to do once in their lifetime.  I served the First Family in the White House.  It was an unforgettable experience.  When I left Washington D.C. to tackle the next career chapter in my life, I was not rock solid about the direction I would go.  I had to take an extended inventory of the things I truly love to do and the things that come naturally to me.  It was important to me to fuel my passion to inspire others and to continue to create in the kitchen.  The fact that I have a sanguine personality simply added to the current career that I landed in.  Today, I travel around the world, meet folks from every walk of life, share stories and create dinners with some pretty extraordinary people.  This has been my second chance at a great career change.

This spring the USA network has created its first reality TV series that gives people a second chance to act on a career that they once dreamed about, but had to put on hold.  Hosted by former superbowl MVP Kurt Warner, the show is currently airing Thursday evenings at 10pm.  In one upcoming episode, I get a chance to mentor someone with similar career dreams. This episode is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 25.  You can watch current episodes and find out more about The Moment here.