Saturday, August 25, 2012


City of Refuge Facebook Page
The City of Refuge is a hard-core rescue mission which offers both life-saving and life building resources to people in need.  Located in the heart of what the City of Refuge staff calls "the center of need" - the mission provides "lifeline, opportunity, and hope to the last, lost, and least of Atlanta."  The people who run the mission are not only committed to treating the debilitating effects of poverty, but they are also dedicated to providing transitional and supportive care.  Services include, but are not limited to sheltering the homeless, providing treatment for substance and physical abuse, mental health services, tutoring for kids, and the provision of clean clothing and nourishing meals.

City of Refuge Facebook Page
During a recent fundraiser with the Georgia Family Council, I worked with culinary students who were being trained at the 180 Degree Kitchen - a hospitality arm for the City of Refuge.  The students that I worked with had been taught professional culinary skills.  They also happened to be in transition in their personal lives; none of them had permanent homes at the time. The 180 Degree Kitchen offers a substantial job training program that helps the mission generate funds through its own catering business.

A UPS work crew day

 Bruce Deel the relentless and courageous founder of the City of Refuge upholds his vision not just to give out immediate fixes, but to empower people for the long term.  This is one of many reasons why in 2010, People magazine named him as one of  the Major League Baseball All Stars Among US. This award gave him the opportunity to represent the Atlanta Braves. The All Star Among US award is just one small result of the many sacrifices this man has made on behalf of every who has come through the doors of the City of Rufuge.  You can hear part of this story here: