Thursday, January 5, 2012


Florida is my January. I began the new year in a kayak on Ft. Lauderdale's New River. I was doing a little light tackle fishing for the Silver King, also known as the tarpon. The tarpon is referred to as the Silver King because of the sheer light that bounces off its silver scales when it jumps out of the water. It is truly an amazing sight. A tarpon can grow from 5 to 8 feet and weigh anywhere between 80 to 280 pounds. Imagine hooking a fish that literally weighs more than your boat - very exciting for me.

Tonight I'm at the Loews Royal Pacific Hotel next to Universal Studios theme park. I headed out to the park and foolishly tempted motion sickness by taking on several thrill rides - left, right, back and forth, upside-down. The park itself is a wild concoction of stunt shows, 4-D attractions, Jimmy Buffet, nightclubs, Harry Potter, and IMAX adventures.

Tomorrow morning I'm having breakfast with 1,400 people. The breakfast is a speaking event that takes place at the 2012 Potato Expo - the largest conference and tradeshow for the U.S. potato industry. Since I'm the speaker, I recognize that it might be a little challenging to lift a few endorphin levels at 7:30 am. Hopefully the breakfast guests won't find the potatoes on their plates more interesting than me. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to it.