Monday, May 16, 2011


People who can't afford medical insurance are sometimes faced with one of life's toughest decisions-paying for medical treatment or paying the bills. Families grapple with these struggles even while the controversial dust of national health care continues to settle. Thankfully, a few private groups are addressing the current crisis. Healthlink Medical Center is one of these unique organizations. They provide free medical and dental care for working adults who don't quite fit the Medicare profile and who cannot manage to pay the rising price tag of health insurance.
Signing Dr. David Eskin's book
Healthlink Medical Center is located in Southhampton, PA. The core of the outfit is run by a small staff of 12. From there, the clinic branches out to a variety of physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, and clinicians - over 70 volunteers. Last year alone, Healthlink gifted over $800,000 in free medical and dental care. This figure caused me to wonder how Healthlink pays its own bills. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Healthlink doesn't receive a dime from federal funds.
Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick and Sister Lois McDonough
Healthlink Medical Center is a registered, charitable organization that relies solely upon private donations. They invited me to assist them with a dinner and I gladly accepted. Together, we put on a four-course dinner called "Taste of the White House." The timing was perfect because it marked Healthlink's 10th anniversary while paying tribute to the Eugene Jackson family who founded the medical center.

Guests who came to the dinner made meaningful contributions. It's no small feat that every dollar raised went directly towards helping individuals simply get basic medical care.

Many thanks go out to the Eugene Jackson family, the Healthlink staff, the incredible kitchen crew, Mae O'Brien, Jessie Marushak and photographer Hillary Shemin.

All Photographs © Hillary Shemin